#1 Hitch Hiker 24lb White Wove (2-Way)

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Product Information

Product Specification
SKU on Box 35548
Size Hitchhiker
Type Hitch Hiker
Envelope Dimensions 3-5/8 x 6-1/2
Face Regular
Color White
Finish Wove
Weight 24 lb
Inside Tint No
Flap Wallet Flap
Seal Moistenable Glue
Seams Side Seams
Recycled No
Brand Printmaster
Minimum Order Quantity 3000
Quantity Per Carton 3000
Product Description

This #1 Hitch Hiker envelope has a perforated flap that is meant to be detached, filled out, put back in the envelope and returned. It is commonly used for collections, contributions, offerings and other types of donations. These envelopes are also known as 2-ways, dual purpose mailers, and offering envelopes.

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